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RJ FROMETA on 2 July, 2014 at 17:06
VENTS Magazine: Hello, its Zach from VENTS magazine! Whats happening?
Danny Kongos: Nothin’ much man, what’s going on?

V: Not much, just ready to learn something about Kongos.
K: I’m Danny

V: What do you do?
K: I play guitar.

V: Do you also write?
K: We all write we’re all brothers we write separately and bring our songs together!

V: You mentioned that you were brothers, can you tell me more about that? A lot of the bands we’ve gotten to know have been best friends or they owed each other money there is some type of tight relationship. How does this particular bond as brothers work with your music?
K: There is a musical familiarity – we know where each other is gonna go and I think that makes for a really cohesive live show! Like we’re a full ready organism, that’s what it feel like when we’re playing together. We definitely can produce together and we can work on music together but the initial writing stages we wouldn’t do that.

V: And you guys grew up in South Africa?
K: Yeah, we grew up in South Africa. My three older brothers grew up in London and then we moved to South Africa where I was born. For 8 years and then we’ve been in the states since 1996. In Arizona specifically.

V: When did you guys start making music professionally?
K: 2007 is when we made our first album, before that we were playing around. We would do the occasional gig but 2007 is when we became a little more serious. We released an album prior to the current one “Lunatics”

V: When I see your videos, they really show a lot of you guys performing live and when you talked to me in the beginning you talked to me about how you guys as brothers have that live element – it really makes a difference for you all. Seeing you all performing live in your videos and knowing that you guys perform a lot, I have to ask, what’s the difference in the importance a live performance and a recording of the musical performances?
K: I guess the live performance it’s visual. Its in the that initial stage that’s visual. In the studio its more of a mental process

V: When you guys write your music what kind of story are you telling to the audience?
K: I think it varies. Whatever Influences us lately. Whatever we like has a positive feedback on people and makes people happy and what creates a feel. We go for that so they can get as much out of it as we get out of it.

V: Do any of you have children?
K: Oh children? No.

V: So with that in mind it is apparent you all are just working hard together like that. What are different personalities that Dylan, you Jesse, and John bring to the group?
K: Personalities? I think we all definitely have strong personalities.

Jesse- he’s a really technically minded guy, he’s also a really good engineer of the group. He is very organized and he finishes the job. Teaches us how to finish what we start

Johnny- is one the best musically in the family

Dylan- is the best looking in the family. He writes songs that none of us have written yet. Straight from the heart! I really like his song “What’s going on” that’s one of my favorite songs on the album. That’s a uniquely Dylan sound on the song

I’m the youngest in the family. so I’m the most immature

V: How do you think your parents had an influence on you guys musically?
K: its really hard to say because they had so much influence. When it was from our dad teaching us the first few chords we ever learned or when he played to us when we were kids luckily he had a influence on us musically cause it so varied, it was such a huge amount of music. The way he can … classical music, back, south african, punk rock.. you know anything you could think of. He had an absolute affect on us. our mom as well. impossible to avoid your parents influence luckily ours was a good one.

V: Why did you guys call yourselves Kongos?
K: That’s our last name or surname: Johnny Kongos is our dad and we basically were lazy we didn’t want to go with another name.

V: Lastly, what would you like your fans to know as a group?
K: I would like them to get into the album. Get our album a real listen and come to a show if they have time and get a real sense of the band. It’s not just one song it’s a whole variety of stuff and we’re pretty normal dudes we’re not crazy rock and roller whatever tough guys… and we’re in it for the fun of music!