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On September 6, 2014, Arizona-based band KONGOS is coming to Cruzan amphitheater. The band will be opening for Kings of Leon. In advance of their arrival, singer/guitarist Daniel Kongos took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few question for Here is the interview in it's entirety...

Q: How would you best describe your bands sound?

A: Well, it's kind of hard to say really. A disc jockey in South
Africa described it as jungle rock, which is quite funny.

Q: Growing up, did you know that you wanted to be a musiciapp

A: I think I had ADD growing up because I wanted to be everything.
I wanted to be a magician, a golfer, my brother at one point
wanted to be a dolphin trainer... I think in our teenage years, we
figured that music was the way to go.
Our dad was in the music business and he had nothing but good
things to say about our choice of career. He encouraged us to move
forward with it

Q: Were you in a band in high school?

A: No, not really. In high school, I was in jazz band.
The brothers and I have always played together.

Q: Who were some of the musicians you looked up to early in your
career that may have helped to shape your sound?

A: For me, I only got into guitar when I was 13, but there was Jeff
Beck. I heard him playing on a Roger Water's album and was just
blown away. In terms of the sound of the band, it is very diverse.
You can probably hear some Paul Simon via the Graceland album

Q: For someone like myself, whom has never seen one of your live
performances, what can we expect to see at the show?

A: Our budget for pyro and things like that are on the low end,
(laughs) but you can expect to see a great rock n roll show. We
like to keep it up-beat and fun. We also try to do extended
versions of songs as well.

Q: What is next for you and KONGOS?

A: I think a lot more to touring. After we finish touring with
Kings of Leon at the end of September, we are heading for Europe
for a month and a half, or so. Then we are coming back to some
shows in December.

For more information about KONGOS, log on to their website at

Many thanks to Ken Phillips and Epic Records for making this interview happen.