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NICK HEYWARD – Woodland Echoes

Album: Woodland Echoes

Artist: Nick Heyward

Label: Gladsome Hawk

Release Date: August 11, 2017

The Upshot: The erstwhile Haircut 100 pop star proves he’s still relevant more than three decades into his career.


It’s been close to two decades since Nick Heyward last put out a solo record and much has changed in the music world. Thank god, no one mentioned that to Nick.

Woodland Echoes, his latest solo album. is cohesive and strong and despite being a little more mellow than some of his earlier offerings, would fits nicely alongside his work from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Though he’ll always be remembered first by an entire generation as the voice of Haircut 100, Woodland Echoes proves he hasn’t let rust settle in over his hiatus. Thematically, the beauty of nature is woven throughout the record (“Mountain Top,” “Beautiful Morning,” “Forest of Love,” “Perfect Sunday Sun,” and on and on…), which tracks with an interview he gave in the late ‘90s where he discussed “coming alive through nature.”

Heyward was always a great lyricist, and that’s apparent throughout this new record, especially on tracks like “The Stars” and “Baby Blue Sky.” He’s also not afraid to experiment a bit, like on the jazz-tinged “Who.” It’s been a long time coming, but with this latest, Heyward proves he’s still relevant more than three decades into his career.

DOWNLOAD: “The Stars,” “Who” and “Baby Blue Sky”