Hanson Play The Police
by Paul Cashmere - March 18 2008
photo by Ros O'Gorman

If ever there is a band that SXSW epitomizes it is Hanson. After going through the teen-pop thing a decade ago, Hanson developed into a credible rock act in control of their own destiny.

The business of Hanson today is owned and run by Hanson and the business is thriving.

This was Hanson's first time as part of the official SXSW roster but they told Undercover News that 14 years ago they came to Austin during SXSW and busked on a street corner.

This time it was a lot more high profile.

As testament to their credibility, the SXSW crew added them to a line-up featuring Alabama 3 and Was (Not Was).

This was not an audience of teenagers. The predominately adult audience at La Zona Rosa on Saturday night was there to see Hanson, the rock band and the rock band rocked.

Included in the setlist was a cover of The Police's 'Hole In My Life'.

Unlike a lot of acts from their era, Hanson is the real thing. They actually sing, they actually play, they actually write their own music.

At the La Zona Rosa show they paid tribute to fellow Oklahoma music star Hoyt Axton by performing his 70s hit 'Never Been To Spain'.

They dropped by Undercover for an interview that we will publish next week.

Hanson also spoke on the SXSW panel 'Moment of Truth' where they spoke on the topic of how artists do not have to be a part of the hit making machine to survive.

The band is touring to promote the 4th studio album 'The Walk', the follow-up to 'Underneath'.

The album is out on the Hanson owned label 3CG Records and will roll out through various distributors worldwide this year.