with Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers, and Kate Voegele

April 25, 2008

Calvin Theatrek

Northampton, MA

The line at the Calvin Theater in Northampton Massachusetts wrapped all the way around the building a good hour before the doors even opened. Some of these fans have even spent the night on this very same sidewalk waiting to get a glimpse of the rock trio. Even after spending the afternoon walking beside the guys on the one-mile walk they do for charity, specifically AIDS awareness in Africa you would think that would calm their energy a little. But this was not the case.

Once inside with my photo pass in hand, I was ready for the night to begin. I made my way to the photo pit and settled in with the first row of fans. We anxiously awaited the first opener Kate Voegele. When the 21-year old singer/songwriter from Bay Village, Ohio finally took the stage she didn't disappoint. She lit up the stage with songs like "It's only life" and "No Good". Her voice was strong and her guitar playing was tight. She really got the crowd to their feet with her single "Only fooling myself"

Next up were Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers. This was a hometown show for these guys and the crowed was happy to give them an extremely warm welcome. It was my first experience with the Sixers and I was surely not disappointed. The energy form the guys was none short of amazing. They truly rocked the stage with what now is my favorite Sixers song "4th of July". The Sixers played hard and did so while smiling all the while. They truly looked like they were having a blast. They closed their 45 minute set with an a cappella performance of "Up on Cripple Creek" which was really a treat and got the crowd clapping and stomping a long. When they dove off the stage and into an already screaming audience I was now a fan.

The familiar chant of "Hanson Hanson Hanson"! could be heard from the street it was so loud. It made the painful wait only that less unbearable as we had something to bide our time. When the lights went back down and Star Wars theme music came on signaling the guys' epic entrance the crowed erupted. Once on stage they started the show with "Great Divide" which is the single off their current album. When the song is downloaded from iTunes, one hundred percent of the proceeds get donated to a hospital in Soweto South Africa they visited while recording their record there. When security came and tapped me on the shoulder kindly letting me know that my three songs were up and I was no longer allowed to take photos, I became just another Hanson fan.

A highlight of the show was when the guys came to the front of the stage for a more intimate acoustic set. They preformed songs with only acoustic guitars, a piano and a larger bongo type drum. The three-part harmony Hanson is famous for really shined during this moment of the show. It was during this acoustic set that Isaac wowed the crowed with his solo performance of their song "Everyday" the lyrics were touching to say the least and it's rumored that he wrote the tune for his wife. A personal highlight for me, being a Beatles fan, was getting to hear them cover the song "Oh! Darling." Zac's performance was both soulful and endearing and would have made their rock and roll ancestors proud.

The second half of the show was dedicated to getting the crowed on their feet. Taylor got the fans chanted back to him during their song "Hey". This really got the audience involved and excited. When the guys finally left the stage after their almost two hour performance, we sat back and waited for our encore. What we were given was not only a shock but also a very pleasant surprise. Stephen Kellogg and the Sixer's came back out with Hanson to give us a amazing cover of the song "Long Way to the Top" by AC/DC. Even more of a surprise was Pat Mcgee from The Pat Mcgee Band joined them all on stage for this song. It was a truly amazing way to end an amazing day. I'm happy to say that "I took the Walk"!

| 04.25.2008 | Review and Photos by Christine Bartolucci |