Hanson fulfills concert promise

by: JENNIFER CHANCELLOR World Scene Writer
11/12/2007 2:46 AM

Show keeps crowd bouncing

The men in the band Chevelle were a little let down Saturday night once they realized that the crowd of girls outside Cain’s Ballroom wasn’t there to see them.

The girls were there — many of them since Friday afternoon — to welcome their hometown heroes at a much-anticipated Sunday show.

The Hanson brothers played to a near-capacity crowd Sunday night, fulfilling a promise they made more than a month ago when Isaac Hanson suffered a medical emergency and the band had to postpone its Oct. 3 homecoming performance.

It was worth the wait.

Chants of “Hanson! Hanson!” erupted before they took the stage, then morphed into deafening cheers as the trio — Zac, Isaac and Taylor — launched into “Great Divide” from the new album for which they named the tour, “The Walk.”

Taylor Hanson, sitting at an ebony Yamaha piano, at times played a keyboard with one hand and the piano with the other and sang while the crowd hopped to the beat. One teenage girl literally jumped out of her shoes while pogo-dancing and singing along to “A Minute Without You.”

Yes, the band is an American original and is known worldwide for its emotion-evoking and powerful live performances and its hooky, bright pop music. But truly, what makes a Hanson concert an unforgettable event is its fans — loyal, polite, positive and, well, positively ecstatic.

Another teen mentioned that she had seen more than 200 shows and could tell what song was coming by which guitar was handed to Isaac Hanson. (At least a dozen guitar changes were made during the show.)

The brothers, with their now-famous immaculate vocal harmonies, even played an acoustic version of their smash hit, “MMMBop,” from their 1997 major-label debut album, “Middle of Nowhere.”

A sea of handheld cameras recorded the band at every moment — glowing screens reminiscent of the lighters flicked en masse back in the “old days,” before fans could literally bootleg every intimate moment at every venue everywhere.

Not that the Hansons seemed to mind.

The concert was being professionally recorded as well, by a large camera attached to a metal arm that swooped over the crowd.

The band also played a cover of the 1978 Police song “Hole in My Life,” and Zac pounded the skins artfully enough that it likely would have given The Police co-founder and drummer Stewart Copeland pause. A song they’ve performed numerous times on tour, the classic hit had the the crowd singing and clapping along.

“It’s great to be back home in Tulsa,” Taylor Hanson said while seated at his piano. The brothers beamed several times, thanking their hometown fans for supporting them and for coming to the show.

“Would you rather be anywhere else than here?” Taylor Hanson exclaimed as the crowd went wild. “Now this is a rock ’n’ roll show!”