Concert Review: Hanson
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 4:39PM

Back in 1997 Hanson released “Middle of Nowhere.” After hearing this record at the young age of 8, Hanson became my first favorite band. I wanted to go see them so badly, but never got the chance. Luckily, Hanson still tours and now that I’m in LA I got the chance to see them last week at House of Blues.

Everything I had heard about the modern Hanson was true. Most people would assume a band like Hanson wouldn’t embrace it’s past, but that’s exactly the opposite. The band opened with “Where’s the Love?” off of “Middle of Nowhere.” The audience that was literally packed shoulder to shoulder in the venue, and as soon as he music started the largely female audience went crazy. They knew every lyric to every song, and they tried their hardest to dance despite the tight quarters.

As I retreated to the less crowded upper levels, the band continued to play some of the most skilled rock music in recent memory. The stage set up put Issac and his guitar on the left side, Taylor with his piano on the right, and that left a giant opening in the middle of the stage in which fans could see Zac on his drums. During guitar solos, Issac would leave his side of the stage and go into the center for the solo. During parts of songs where Taylor had no keyboard parts, he would also pivot his mic stand to the center of the stage.
In the middle of the show, the band performed a short acoustic set. During this set Zac sat on a wooden drum box in the center of the stage. Both Zac and Taylor had short solo moments on stage at the piano. Zac’s was interrupted by the keyboard player from Sherwood laying on the piano in nothing but a pair of underpants.

Hanson is a band that seems to have gotten better over time. They are currently at their peak as live performers. Don’t discount these guys just because they used to be those cute kids from the 90s. They can play and sing even better than they could back then. Hanson puts on a solid show, and any current or past Hanson fans would be doing themselves a favor by checking them out next time they tour.