Hanson mmmbops into town tonight
By Rochelle Hentges
Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Hanson brothers might appear to be good role models for today's youth, but don't look to them for nutritional advice. Zac Hanson divulged his favorite on-the-road meal is a toss up between Lucky Charms cereal and Easy Mac.

"Being on the bus can kind of be like a college dorm room. It's not always about what's good for you," said Zac, who will be appearing with the other two Hansons tonight for a concert at Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland.

But those expecting to see girlish boys singing bubble-gum pop will be in for a surprise. Ten years after the three Hanson brothers hit airwaves with "Mmmbop" and became the butt of gender jokes, they are now grown family men (all are married and Isaac and Taylor have children). This year, they released their fourth studio album. "The Walk" is a heavier rock-inspired compilation that is the first to be completely produced and released under the Hansons' own label, 3CG Records.

Zac, 21, the youngest of the three who often bore the brunt of late-night talk show jokes, spoke to the Trib p.m. about the new album tour and Hanson's trip to Africa last year.

"With our last album, we worked under a major label and released it ourselves," Zac said. "We ended up just doing a lot of things that were based not on what the best ... long-term goals were and the future of the band."

The new album partially was recorded in Africa as the brothers spent two weeks traveling through South Africa and Mozambique, visiting orphanages and learning about the continent's fight against HIV and AIDS.

"There's so many really incredible experiences. I think probably one of my more remarkable ones, we were in South Africa and it was the first day we were going to record with the children's choir," Zac said. "They were school kids in a music class, they weren't really professional, but they brought life into the music. It reminded of me why I wanted to be in music in the first place, just watching them light up while singing these songs."

As part of their album tour, Hanson teamed up with TOMS shoes. For every pair of TOMS shoes purchased online or at a Hanson concert, a pair will be donated to a child in Africa.