Hanson Fans Say Their Favorite Band Is 'Cutthroat'
Posted 17 hrs ago by MTV News in Music

The MTV News office is located right in the heart of Times Square in New York City. In fact, we're right on top of a top-shelf live music venue called the Nokia Theater, so we're often privy to large crowds of fans who gather to wait in line and catch glimpses of their favorite bands loading in. Today is a terrible day in New York. It's cold and it's raining with more of the same to come. But that didn't stop the hardest of hardcores from gathering to wait outside the venue for a prime spot once the doors open.

Of course, we're talking about fans of Hanson, and MTV News' Jim Cantiello hit the street to find out what makes these people tick and find out exactly how far they were willing to go for the band that gave us "MMMBop." What he found was a pack of devoted but completely organized and genial devotees. They organize themselves based on how early each one arrives at the venue, compare Hanson-related tattoos and occasionally travel great distances just to see them play (Jim ran into a woman from Israel who made the flight for the show, while another trio of fans hailed from Brazil).