September 13, 2007

Hanson at Spaceland
By Noele Shannon

I got a last minute invitation to check out this unannounced show and was delighted to be able to catch three of my favorite brothers in action. Yes, you are reading correctly, HANSON, (most predominantly known for the catchy hit single released in 1997 “MmmBop”) are gearing up to tour in support of their most recent CD “The Walk.”

I have been diligently following Hanson’s career the last ten years and one thing I am certain hasn’t changed, the love of their fans. Such love in fact, I’d have to admit in some cases it’s a bit overwhelming, sure the fans have gotten older (as has the band) but that hasn’t weakened their intense love and adoration for these guys. I honestly felt like I was at a full scale production instead of an acoustic and intimate club show simply based on the insanely packed house and my inability to get anywhere besides the bar without feeling squished…

As the guys took to stage they opened with their current single “Great Divide.” Intensely powerful, moving and full of gorgeous harmonies the crowd instantly broke into roars of thunderous approval and the night was in full swing.

Hanson played an incredible set with the brothers switching off on vocal duties from time to time, each equally as talented as the other. This was a feast for any true Hanson fan as they played tunes from many of their albums including: Strong Enough to Break, When You’re Gone, Penny & Me and “This Time Around”

Oh of course, I can’t forget to mention “MmmBop” and the soulful, more adult version of “Look at You” along with the one of my absolute faves, the piano laden “Crazy Beautiful.”

When all was said and done, it seemed as though the time had just flown and no one wanted to see the band go, (including me) so everyone chanted and cheered until the band came back on stage for an encore, in which we were treated to Zac on vocals for “Running Man” and a tasty rendition by the guys of the Beatle’s “Don’t let me Down”, wow talk about a jam session, this resulted in a packed stage full of some of LA’s top talent… Impressive indeed.

Make sure you catch Hanson on tour next month, you will be pleasantly surprised!