Show Review - Hanson/Locksley/Fat City Reprise
09-28-07 at 12:50 PM by Anton Djamoos
Rather than detail every single song that was played during the night, I would rather give a synopsis of how I felt about each band without the need to include song titles.

I took the arduous drive into Philadelphia rush hour traffic to see Hanson, Locksley, and Fat City Reprise on Wednesday. Going straight from work into the city was a task I was not looking forward to and the nearly hour and a half drive was not encouraging. By the time I finally made it to The Electric Factory, I already had my fill of the city environment for the rest of the month. Luckily, the light at the end of the tunnel was an incredible performance by all three bands, with the pinnacle of the show being Hanson’s epic two hour set.

Fat City Reprise, an unknown local band to me but very familiar to the fans in the audience, opened the show. They played a surprisingly tight set, with jangling guitars and piano elements that easily got the crowd moving. With jazz-indie hybrid sound, they easily won the crowd over and played an extremely tight set, even considering broken guitar strings. This is a band to keep an eye out for.

Locksley came second and brought the energy in the venue to a new high. This New York-based band does not seem like the type to go on tour with a band like Hanson and sound more akin to one of the “The” garage-ish bands, but they have a depth of songwriting and great crowd motivation. They played a fantastic set that definitely piqued my interest in this band and I suggest that everyone check them out. There’s a reason that we featured them as one of the Absolute 100.

Finally, Hanson came to the stage. The crowd was, as anticipated, deafening and from the first chords of “The Great Divide,” I knew I was in for a treat. For two hours, the band played one of the most solid sets I have ever heard in my entire life, striking a perfect balance between slow rhythms and fast tempos, solo songs and vocal harmonies. I cannot get over how pitch-perfect this band’s live show is. There are some bands that are terrible on record but great live and there are other bands that sound wonderful live but have bad albums. Hanson gives you the best of both worlds. There’s something that can be said when a band’s live show is so strong that the band gives an album-quality performance enhanced by the live setting. For two solid hours, the three brothers played an eclectic mix from all of their albums, including rare songs only released online. The crowd, though comprised mostly of girls, made it an even more fun show, sang along to every single word of every single song and demonstrated why they are some of the, if not the, most loyal fans in the music industry right now. Even if I weren’t a fan before this, there is no way that I could not be sold on this live show. Among all of the incredible live performances I’ve seen this year (As Tall As Lions, Thursday, Muse), Hanson has risen to the top as the best. It is an experience I recommend to anyone. The drive into Philly was worth it; Hanson has my money for a ticket anytime they come to my area.

This tour is going strong across the country and I highly recommend anyone go see it. Haters will be turned to believers. No one will leave disappointed. I guarantee it.

Note: If you are interested in more about Hanson, I conducted an interview with them that I am currently transcribing. Since it is around 74 minutes long, it's going to take a while, but if you'd like to hear the interview, head on over to Hanson's AP Profile.