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MUSIC 06/06/18

READY TO POP | Allie X, Camille Trust & More Tear Through Torrential Balladry

Also, XYLØ, Sam Setton and Haley Reinhart!

Haley Reinhart - "Last Kiss Goodbye"


There are few singers quite like Haley Reinhart. She's another case of possessing incomparable talent that isn't given proper due. Her tenure on American Idol years ago still stays on our minds on the daily, and her post-show output is extraordinary. Her new, guitar-hued song "Last Kiss Goodbye" feels eerily like the classic era of singer-songwriters; think Carole King here, folks. Less is always more, and Reinhart's ability to float across a melody with sharpness is truly a wonder of the world.

Slay Scale: Shook

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