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Trevor Hall brings India-influenced sound to Gryphon Theatre

Trevor Hall. Courtesy photo

Trevor Hall isn't yet 30, but he's lived in an ashram, produced multiple albums and makes a yearly trek to India.

Now he's making his way to Laramie's Gryphon Theatre on Sept. 23.

The singer-songwriter's music is a mix of reggae and acoustic rock, with an acoustic guitar being the center of his musical sound. But his music is heavily influenced by India and its culture.

The small-town South Carolinian said this was inspired by a friend he made in high school. He brings this influence to his music by bringing a more mellow sound and even adding Sanskrit chanting to some songs.

"Really, my fascination stemmed from this family," he said. "I never even thought about it growing up. It's not like I chose to be fascinated with Indian culture."

He recalls his first trip in 2007, where he landed in Delhi. Because of all the fog, he couldn't see the city, just the lights. He then became nervous and thought he wouldn't be able to go through with the trip.

But once the plane landed and the door opened, he said a scent hit him.

"I felt something," he said. "It was that thing I've been looking for my whole life. That feeling was so beautiful."

That "thing" is reflected in his music. His latest album is "KALA," which is Sanskrit for "time."

Although the past year has been a musically productive one for Hall with two albums and an EP, he said he tries not to put too much pressure on himself.

"When the music comes, I just record it," he said. "It's like my therapy."

In fact, he said he feels successful with his music career and life because he's at peace.

"Success is being at peace with your mind and not relying on material things," he said. "My idea of success is the complete opposite direction of today's society."

He describes himself as a "listener" and said that's one of his favorite things about performing. He said there's a space between the audience and himself - and it "drops" during the show.

"I'm learning from these songs. We're all in this together. That's a really beautiful thing."

Singer-songwriter Dustin Thomas will open for Hall.

If you go

What: Trevor Hall and Dustin Thomas

When: Sept. 23. Doors at 7 p.m.; show at 8 p.m.

Where: The Gryphon Theatre, 710 E. Garfield, Laramie

Cost: $15-$20

Online: www.gryphontheatre.org

Published on: Friday, Sep 18, 2015 - 08:52:20 am MDT

Ellen Fike
Ellen Fike