Trevor Hall brings his worldly spirit to Los Angeles
August 20, 2009, at the Hotel Café
By Sean Costello
Published: August 22nd, 2009 | 7:43pm

Before Trevor Hall’s CD release party for his new, self-titled release (Vanguard) at Los Angeles’ Hotel Café, I didn’t know much about him — other than hearing a couple tunes on his MySpace page and reading a short bio. But liking what I heard, I decided to give the young South Carolina native a try and soon found that Hall is one of those amazingly gifted musicians you have to see live in order to get the full experience.

Hall started the show with a tribal chant that quickly reeled in a large crowd that was filled with many friends and family. By the second song, the band that also included Chris Steele on drums/percussion and “Super” Mario Pagliarulo on bass took the audience on a sonically delicious, lyrically nutritious, 75-minute, reggae ‘n’ roots–influenced spiritual journey. Later, on the Indian titled “Om Shakti Om,” Hall’s father joined the band onstage to sing the chorus as the audience, fully in tune with the joyous atmosphere, clapped, sang, and danced to the music.

In the song “Ghosts,” Hall sang about rising up to meet the day and overcoming life’s obstacles while Steele switched to a Cajon drum that laid down a soothing percussive beat to keep the song flowing. In the song “Origami Crane,” which is a symbol for long life, prosperity, and good health, Hall deftly played melody maker and sang “Which way do you fold your origami crane? / Does it sing in your heart? / Does it fly in your brain?”

This sense of lyrical intuition flavored with spiritual connection continued throughout the set as Hall sang about bringing the world together through love, goodwill, and embracing the diverse beauty of the human race on the track “Unity.” On the second to last song of the night, a rousing, defiant rock anthem called “Sing the Song,” Hall offered lessons about living life to the fullest and not letting anything hold you back: “Give me the strength to stand / Lift me from this quicksand … Righteousness rise with the strength of the thunder.”

It was obvious from this premier show that Hall sings, writes, and performs from the heart. In his own words, he offers,“ Music is my savior. Music is my lover.” And after being a part of his onstage love affair, the collective experience of peace, affection, and all around stellar vibes captured the hearts of many more.