Play Trevor Hall
By: Derek Scott
Posted: 11/10/09
Every job has it perks. Mine is getting free CD's to review. Recently I got a new album by Trevor Hall. The cover features a long haired, scruffy hippy staring lazily back, and left me a bit apprehensive about what I might hear.

I popped the CD in and track one "Internal Heights" has Hall singing and harmonizing over a mash up of a rock drum beat and a few sounds lifted right out of India. As the song played through, I enjoyed it.

One thought arose, this sounds like someone familiar, really familiar. After reading his bio and seeing he is from South Carolina, it clicked. He sounds a lot like another mainstream southern group, Dave Matthew's Band.

It became even more apparent when track four, "The Lime Tree," started to play. "Spark the match and watch the candle burn. This wick runs out and then love takes its turn," are almost spoken in that southern drawl over a light melody. At this point, I enlisted the help of a coworker bff, who noted that he sounds a lot like Mat Kearney. We decided to test this theory and keyed up both Kearney and some DMB. Personally, I think DMB does moody southern rock the best, but Hall is young and will likely only get better. Kearney had them both beat when it came to vocal prowess, with his more hiphop style on the tested flavor.

"Where's the love" was an obvious social commentary little ditty.
"So many Gods but no love for the people, what we fighting for, why we still at war? Dropping bombs on each other because it's what God said. " The album then goes onto my favorite track, "Origami Crane." Trevor is even lower then normal, and the beat in the background is intoxicating. "Which way do you fold your origami crane? Does it float like a dove or fly like an airplane. Well I rolled up a smoke and I smoked it away, my past and future depend on today."

Track 9 is also worth mentioning, as Hall steps up the tempo in his signing and performs with more of a rap style vibe. The song then cuts to a harmonizing vocal chorus that really provides an excellent range and pace, plus the way he delivers, "Love for the whole human race, come and get your taste," its hard not to imagine yourself replaying the song later.

Hall's rock anthem, "Sing the song," is also really good. His vocals seem to get better the faster he goes, and this particular song has a really fast drumbeat and powerful guitar accompaniment.

The last two songs on the album, "31 Flavors" and "Many Roads" (featuring Matisyahu, someone you may have heard of.) are songs about love, as it applies to another individual. "31 Flavors," cites that "you make Cupid cry," when referring to his lover. What's not to like about well-placed references to ancient Greco-Roman gods?

Overall I get a really good feeling having listened to this album, even if at times it felt like something I had heard before, and I will defiantly be listening to this again. Checkout his website trevorhallmusic.com for your own copy. Alternatively, check out MySpace music or Last.fm. Oddly enough, when I typed Trevor Hall into Last.fm, it recommend Mat Kearney as another artist I might like.