Return to Trevor Hall


by Chelsea Erin Wright

This past weekend, Trevor Hall performed at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT. Trevor shared with the crowd that he chose to play the last show of his tour in Burlington, stating: “…because I love Vermont”. He released his newest album, ‘KALA‘, in August of 2015 shortly after releasing his EP ‘Unpack Your Memories‘.

Trevor Hall is an accomplished singer and songwriter, producing an eclectic mix of acoustic reggae, rock, and sanskrit chanting. He broke through the music scene very early in his music career, joining sold-out tours with top musicians such as Michael Franti, SOJA, Brett Dennen, Jimmy Cliff, Steel Pulse, Matisyahu, The Wailers, and Colbie Callait.

Hall projects a refreshing universal message, while also sharing his knowledge about the names and teachings of divinities through his music. He travels to India annually to seek spiritual refuge, where he finds his creative inspiration. His donations collected at his live shows are used to help support an Ashram in Allahabad, where underprivileged orphans are given the chance for a better life and traditional Vedic education.

When I interviewed Trevor at Wanderlust Stratton 2015, he shared that ‘KALA‘ means time in sanskrit. The meaning of this title encompasses the importance of how we perceive time, and how perception can change everything. This album was created during a time of deep healing for Trevor, and it certainly comes across through the music. Learn more about his personal story with ‘KALA‘ & ‘Unpack Your Memories‘ here:

Trevor’s band, consisting of an upright bassist & an alternative hand IMG_2648percussionist, brought an amazing energy to the stage at Higher Ground Saturday night. The show was sold out, leaving the ballroom completely packed. They began with ‘Zion’-the first track on KALA-and throughout the night played a wide variety of Trevor’s music, including songs from his albums ‘Everything Everytime Everywhere‘ (2011) and ‘Chapter of the Forest‘ (2014). The show ended with an encore of Trevor performing ‘You Can’t Rush Your Healing‘, solo. This was a very powerful moment, in which he allowed the emotions of this song to move through him with no reservation-he became vulnerable and shared that beauty with the whole crowd. This was certainly a special show for all who were present. Be sure to check out Trevor Hall’s new album, and learn more about his journey as a musician: