Tulip Fest

April 28, 2010 at 11:37 am by Matt Murnane

After this past Sunday, I can only hope that Tulip Fest will be just as fun, with half the insanity, and half the hangover. I know what many of you are thinking; me, not wanting to party as hard?! It’s just that this year’s Fountain Day was so out of control, I don’t know if can or care to brave another day of such inebriation so soon.

A few of my friends from home are coming up, and we are throwing a before and after party with my roommate and the people who live upstairs, since we live so close to the park— so I know it wont be a completely sober experience. Hopefully this blog post will serve as a promise to myself, that I will not be out of commission for two days post-party.

Now for the music— the lineup is as follows:

Trevor Hall @ 1 p.m.

The Constellations @ 2:15

OK GO @ 3:45

Most of us know who OK GO is, from that infamous music video where everyone’s on a treadmill, but does everyone know who Trevor Hall is? Below are videos of OK GO’s newer jam, followed by a video by Trevor Hall, and then The Constellations who’ve got a funky groove to their song “Felicia”. Also, if you like what you hear from Trevor Hall, check out the song Unity that he performed with Matisyahu! (One of my favorites!)

As we all know musical acts never seem to start on time, so just remember the big day for Tulip Fest is Saturday, May 8th, at Washington Park, and arrive early to claim the best patch of grass the park’s got to offer.

Hope you enjoy the tunes.