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Trevor Hall’s “KALA” album review

August 22, 2015

by Liz Pimentel

If one takes a step back from all that is heavily reggae-rock and ventures into some more acoustic, more harmonic vibes of a more natural tone, one might go for some music by Trevor Hall. With music inspired by deep spiritual practice and belief, Trevor Hall brings a soothing, enlightened musical journey of acoustic tones mixed with deep lyrics, particularly to his new album, KALA. His lyrics run so deep, one cannot help but relate it to true poetry, and even then, that cannot describe the totality of how his songs takes one on an incredible journey.

KALA starts strong with the song, “To Zion.” This track alone can put the listener in a trance and ready to experience exactly what Trevor Hall has to offer – not just with this album, but the totality of his music and life experiences. To add, Hall refers to this new album as a complete journey of advice and recent adventures which had affected him deeply. The next couple of tracks really get into that, as do tracks which seem dedicated to those close to him. The track, “Samay” grabs the attention of true reggae lovers, while songs, “Uncle Jo,” Back To You,” and “Mama and Papa” pick up tempo. The deepest songs appear to be “Forgive,” “Mother,” “Indigo,” and “Yirawala.”

Trevor Hall, an artist using music to convey that lessons have been learned, advice and adventures have been accepted, and that the journey of life continues on. KALA is quite the album to add to his already impressive discography.

For more information on Trevor Hall, check out his website.