Trevor Hall "Trevor Hall"

Spirituality is something that may popular musicians try to stay away from in order to not alienate the mass public. Many times, music that has a spiritual tinge will be mashed up in the "Christian Rock" genre and won't get the recognition it deserves as accessible music. Trevor Hall doesn't have a problem putting his spirituality out there in his music and delivering a new, full length album of heartfelt and personal songs. It is self titled for a reason, because Hall wears his heart, his spirituality, and his world view right there on his sleeve and depicts his outlook through each and every song on the album. Veteran producer Marshall Altman worked the knobs on this release which included guest appearance by Matisyahu (who co-wrote a version the lead single) and Colbie Caillat. To date, it's Hall's best, but it's surely not his last.