Return to Trevor Hall 9.10.2015

#reviewoftheweek / Trevor Hall - Kala

Trevor Hall has always been a prolific storyteller and songwriter, and on this latest release, he continues to deliver. He has not released a more complete album since released of his self titled major label debut in 2009. The album kicks off with a classic song, which we first got to hear when he released his live album "Chasing The Flame" in 2010. "To Zion" is an instant classic that showcases his laid back beachy and spiritual vibe, which is on visual display on the album's cover. The album is full of poignant lyrical compositions with a message, much like much of his catalogue. This time he's peppered in some great guest appearances, including Xavier Rudd and Nahko. Fans will surely fall in love with tracks like "Back To You," "You Can't Rush Your Healing," and "Mother." "Forgive" is one of the album's standouts, featuring some spoken word from Luka Lesson. This is the finale of a trilogy of released which started with "Chapter Of The Forest" and "Unpack Your Memories," but it certainly is not the end of anything. Trevor Hall is a special talent that doesn't come around often, following in the footsteps of others like Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, and John Butler. "Kala" is an album that surely will stand the test of time.

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