Trevor Hall’s newest is a wonderfully rich album overflowing with smoky vocals and positive vibes

Everything, Everytime, Everywhere finds Trevor Hall maturing and perfecting his style of music — a style best described as an expressive blend of acoustic, reggae and rock, that makes this latest output a solid 11-track release. The album screams of sunshine and summertime, but the resounding messages of community and love make it universal and appropriate year-round.

An incredibly uplifting album, Everything, Everytime, Everywhere fits perfectly into the realm of reggae, but lyrically and musically still showcase Hall’s distinct twist. Certain tracks — namely “Brand New Day” — maintain the same lyrical positivity throughout, but have a more upbeat, poppier feel that lends diversity to the album. “Fire,” in undeniably funky and features a wicked rap from Cherine Anderson, further showcasing Hall’s choice to experiment a bit more on this album. And, although he’s chosen to push his own boundaries, he does so with conviction, each addition blending effortlessly into his already established sound.

“Different Hunger,” is an almost anthemic track, inspired by ska and calypso. The most characteristic of the album as a whole, it speaks to messages of universal love and acceptance, amidst perfectly combined guitar, bass, horns and harmonic vocals. “Oh, this is a different hunger/ heavier than thunder/ satisfied by love, love/ that’s what I say,” Hall croons. The track slows down toward the end, creating a more pensive feel underneath blues-like repetition in the lyrics: “The time has come to speak of this love, speak of this love, speak of this love.” The result is a journey-like feel — a powerful tactic that captures and keeps the attention and emotions of the listener.

Everything, Everytime, Everywhere demonstrates that he has made serious growth as an artist while adhering to his well-loved acoustic and reggae roots. Backed by longtime Matisyahu guitarist Aaron Dugan, bass player Brian Lang and drummer Aaron Sterling, Hall has created a stellar output of undeniably positive music with enough flair and diversity to make sure it stands the test of time as a great collection.