Q&A with Trevor Hall

Posted: 10/22/09

Soulful reggae crooner Trevor Hall is currently touring in support of his new, self-titled album. Originally from Southern California, 22-year-old Hall's music has been featured on the soundtrack to Shrek the Third. Hall is a deeply spiritual singer, having even taken a pilgrimage to India with two monks from a Southern California temple. He is currently on tour with singer Michael Franti and has also toured with Colbie Caillat. He will be performing at The Pageant, located in The Delmar Loop, on Nov. 2 with Matisyahu. For more information about Hall, visit either his MySpace at or his official site at

How are you feeling about the album?
"We haven't had a new album come out in a while … It's really nice for people to finally get to hear it. When we came into the studio, it was only about three weeks total … I had to go out on the road right after. It's a very spiritual album … It has a sort of electric vibe but I also kept a reggae vibe."

How would you describe the album's sound?
"It's a pretty upbeat type of album. I'm really in to reggae music and lots of the old reggae artists … It's kind of a roots sound … I also like hip-hop and Indian music. It's kind of a fusion of all of that."

How did you begin to get into music?
"My dad was a drummer … I would always bang around on the drums and look through his CD collection. It really came natural to me … I was never really like, 'I want to be a professional' … It kind of just happened. Music is everything that I just love to do."

What's life on tour like?
"There's a lot of performing, a lot of driving, a lot of performing, a lot of driving … We're going to be on tour until early December. It's such a blessing to play live music every night … This is what I'm doing now, and I'm happy doing it … It's really good that we're getting to play for all these people."

What is it like touring with Michael Franti and Colbie Caillat?
"[Michael] is all about the people … He loves the people, and that's something I really admire … Colby is a friend of mine, and she's got an acoustic vibe which is a whole different experience for us."