Trevor Hall Back In Baltimore
Submitted by admin on Sun, 08/30/2009 - 23:20. Musician(s) Walter Zalis

by Walter Zalis - 8x10 in Federal Hill, Baltimore, MD – 8/2/2009

PensEyeView has been to the 8x10 in Baltimore before – between the group of us, we’ve probably been to at least a couple dozen shows. So we know the venue well, almost as well as know the Federal Hill area around it.

And we know Trevor Hall. We featured him during the beginning months of back in the first half of 2007, watched he and Chris Steele open for The Wailers, even had the chance to hang out with the unofficial “Favorite Artist of PEV” after the show, snapping photos and talking music. So we know Trevor Hall… pretty damn well.

So what was it about this Sunday night show in Baltimore? Perhaps the fact it was our first time catching Trevor as a headliner. Perhaps it was the fact he was now playing with a full band alongside drummer Steele and bassist Super Mario. Maybe it was the beer.

Truth be told – all of these facts played into the tremendous set that Trevor Hall played on August 2nd, 2009… but these reasons are not the ones that make this show stand out so strong in my mind. It was Trevor’s audience, the people around us, and the way he brought them in and pushed them up. All of those people there, ears bonded with the sounds around them for nearly two hours, with Hall refusing to let any one pair down for our entire time together.

The set was everything Communication Director Ken Harmon and I wanted, full of tunes we’ve known for years, from “The Rascals Have Returned”, “Under the Blanket” and “The Lime Tree” to new ones like “Where’s the Love”, “Volume” and “Unity”. All three artists; Hall, Steele and Mario truly sharing the stage, all doing something together they couldn’t do apart. Even when each took their separate time to shine, it was something exceptional to take in – whether it was Mario and Trevor standing to the far right of the stage in awe of Steele’s box solo, or when Hall watched in study as Mario stampeded up and down the bass, or when Trevor took the crowd to himself as he recited gorgeous words in poetic form.

The three anticipated our every listening want, knowing where we wanted to go and how we wanted to go there… that is, until the end. Sure, there was an encore, but with this crowd on this night, there wasn’t that feeling of tiredness or desire to head home for the evening. We just wanted it to keep going. And it was evident – even as the hour grew late on this Sunday night, nearly ever individual remained after the show came to a conclusion, rushing to the side of the stage to speak with Trevor, Steele and Mario. I couldn’t tell you how long they stayed and talked with their guests – Ken and I wanted a moment ourselves, to hang out with the trio… but simply ran out of time. We unfortunately, may have been the first to leave, nearly 30 minutes after the show ended.

Needless to say, you must buy Hall’s latest self-titled release – not to mention catch a live show. You’ll loop that record any time your life needs a boost. Guaranteed.

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