"Trevor Hall"


AUGUSTA, GA - Remember when Clay Aiken auditioned for “American Idol” for the first time? As soon as he opened his mouth, you looked around for the culprit who was providing his voice, because surely it couldn’t have been his own. Well, in the instance of Trevor Hall, as soon as you hear his tenor float through the air, you’ll immediately be hit with the reggae and soul vibes.

The 22-year-old South Carolina-raised, Los Angeles-based performer has managed to incorporate reggae, alternative, and folk sounds, bringing to mind acts like 311, Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz. “Unity,” is a ditty full of edgy guitar and a breezy background, and “31 Flavors,” is charming as he croons over the folksy, bounce track, “I wanna show you that my love is pure.”

The punk and reggae-flavored “Sing the Song” is addicting for its repeated phrase “dang-dang- diggity-dang.” Love songs that pluck the heart strings are apparent in the form of “Where’s the Love,” and the serene “Origami Crane.” “Who You Gonna Turn To” is a spiritually tinged joint about giving your cares to a higher power.

rom the sound of things, it’s no coincidence that he’s played and toured with Colbie Caillat, Los Lobos and Ziggy Marley. To see the truth, check his website for tour dates, and most definitely, he will be providing his own voice.