Trevor Hall Embarks on Headline Tour
By: Angelina Berube
Posted: 2/3/10

This February and March, Trevor Hall, one of MTV's Fresh Buzz artists to watch for in 2010, will embark on a headlining tour through the states in support of his latest self-titled album. On Feb. 20, 2010, Hall will play the Iron House in Northampton, Mass. and Harper's Ferry in Allston, Mass on Feb. 21, 2010.

Growing up in South Carolina, music was always a part of Hall's life as his father was a musician. "There were a bunch of instruments around the house," Hall said. "I would always play on whatever I could get my hands on." Over time, his interest in music and different styles of music increased.

At 15 years old, Hall began listening to reggae music which greatly influences his sound. "After I heard Bob Marley, I got pretty hooked," Hall said. "It just took to me. The rhythm, the style, just the way it spoke to my heart." And that influence is apparent. Hall has often been compared to Marley and while he is honored by the compliment, feels he is not on that level just yet. "I think I have a lot more work before I can maybe be on that level," Hall said.

As his interest in music became serious at this age, Hall attended Idyllwild School for the Arts in California. As a senior in high school, Hall signed to Geffen Records. After recording only one EP which was released and a few albums which never saw the light of day, Geffen dropped Hall. In 2008 on his own, Hall released an acoustic album with friend, Chris Steele, entitled "This is Blue."

In 2009, Hall released his first official record on Vanguard Records. "This record that came out in 2009 in a lot of ways it feels like my first record," Hall said. "It's the first one I've properly released on a label to share with people, and to have the push behind it." The album radiates positive energy all around and includes songs such as "Unity" featuring Matisyahu.

For Hall, he wants the songs he writes to come naturally and not be contrived. Hall's self-titled release and prior EPs speak from the heart. "I try to let that voice come through me any way it wants to," Hall said. "I don't want to restrict it or be attached to one way. I don't want it to suffocate it."

Following the release of the self-titled album, Hall opened for artists such as Matisyahu and Colbie Caillat on their winter tours. This tour, Hall is on his own and hopes that all his hard work paid off. Playing in front of similar and new audiences on those tours, Hall hopes he gained some new fans along the way. "I'm excited to see if we made any new fans, if people liked us enough to come and see us by ourselves," Hall said. "Maybe nobody comes out, maybe a lot of people will. It will just be exciting to see how the work paid off."

This headlining tour will be a breath of fresh air for Hall, allowing him to experiment with different song choices and not worrying about winning a crowd over. "I'm excited to not have to worry about, 'oh will they like me or not' and just kind play my music," Hall said. "When you're headlining, you can really be free with yourself, not be scared to be yourself because people came to see you." On this tour, Hall will play songs such as "Unity," but also experiment with slower songs and unrecorded songs. This tour will give Hall the freedom to try songs out and not have to worry about creating a set that only consists of his most popular songs.

Hall hopes his music and live shows will leave a positive feeling on anyone who listens. "When they walk away from the music or show I just want them to feel inspired," Hall said. "I mean I can only speak from my own experience, but music for me is just so inspiring. It's such a wonderful feeling. I hope my music does that to other people whether it inspires them to create or seek a spiritual life or be a good person."

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