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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Trevor Hall - Small is Beautiful

Spirits were high at the Media Club Sunday night, as fans poured in for an intimate performance by Trevor Hall. ??The “Small is Beautiful” Tour is seeing Hall at various venues across North America, all of which are on a smaller scale than what he’s become accustomed to. The reason for this? It’s a better way to connect with fans. Hall proved this again and again through his performance on the 14th. He’d chat from the small stage, tell a story, and each person in the venue felt like they’d lived through the experience with him. At one point, Hall was expressing how he’d felt after the tour bus had been broken into. You could hear a pin drop while he told the story, and as if on cue, when it ended, the crowd’s hearts broke in unison. He’d lighten the mood a little with a funnier story, or with a joke related to the crooks now walking around with a thousand Trevor Hall t-shirts, and the room filled with laughter.

From the very beginning of the show, to the meet and greet at the end, Hall’s followers hung onto each word. It was the first show I’d ever been to, where the lead singer, or the drummer, didn’t need to ask the crowd to clap a long. It was as though they’d done a rehearsal before hand. He’d start a song, and half way through, everyone in the room, clearly devoted fans, began clapping at the exact moment they were supposed to. The night continued this way. Each individual happy to be there, in that moment.

When it came time for an encore, Trevor surprised me…but I think his fans knew exactly what was coming. He stepped down from the stage. My immediate thought, was that he was finished and was ready to meet his fans. They all knew that wasn’t the case. The stage filled out with masses of people from the crowd, and a circle formed around him. He began to sing, and play guitar, and had a chorus of Vancouverite voices around him. They all knew the beat and the words to the song…even when it came to the Sanskrit chanting, they were on point.

The night wouldn’t end there. Although the show was over, a line up formed at the merchandise table, and out came Trevor from behind closed doors, pen and smile, ready for greeting fans and multiple selfies.

A chat with Hall, and a keepsake from the show...what more could a fan ask for?

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