Unity Through Music
October 3, 10:22 AM Milwaukee Concerts Examiner Arika Kaosa

I had the chance Friday afternoon to catch up with singer/songwriter Trevor Hall while traveling to St. Louis to play the last date with Michael Franti and Spearhead. On Monday, Trevor will be the opening act for Colbie Caillat at Turner Hall.

AK: Trevor, I know you’re on the road right now. What tour are you on?

TH: Tonight is our last night with Michael Franti and Spearhead and then we fly to Denver to start with Colbie.

AK: That’s excellent! I know Michael is having a huge hit right now!

TH: Yeah, the tour has been a lot of fun and a great time!

AK: Your recent album came out on July 18th this year on Vanguard Records. How has your fan base reacted to that record in particular?

TH: It’s been really well received. Even with the tour I’m on right now, Michael has really positive fans and they are really enthusiastic. They are very open to us and liking us a lot and it’s been a lot of fun. The new record is doing really well out here on the road.

AK: Do you have a favorite song you like to play when you’re on tour?

TH: It depends on the crowd and I’d say it changes every night. I love to play, “Unity”, which is our single. I like to play some older songs but I like to play them all!

AK: In my opinion, you have a reggae and rock infused sound. Who would you say were your main influences to get into that genre and that feel of music?

TH: I’m a big Bob Marley fan. When I was younger I was really into Ben Harper and a couple of his albums shaped me. I was into a lot of music from across the board like rap, rock, and reggae stuff. It all infused into one.

AK: I read that your father was a drummer. Would you say that was your main inspiration to get into music early on?

TH: Yes, he was a drummer. He would always let me play his drums when I was a little boy. He also had a huge CD collection and I would always explore the collection and put stuff on the stereo. Being in a musical household let me grow in that regard.

AK: Did you teach yourself guitar or did he teach you? Did you take lessons?

TH: I taught myself early on and then when I was in 10th grade I went to a performing arts school where I learned classical guitar for a couple years.

AK: Yeah, you went to Idyllwild right?

TH: Yeah!

AK: That’s an accomplishment in itself to go to that school. That’s a pretty well known performing arts school!

TH: Yeah it was a lot fun!

AK: What do you hope the Milwaukee audience takes from your performance Monday night?

TH: I hope that just like any audience people are uplifted and inspired. Maybe if they come in one state of mind they can leave with a higher state of mind. I just want people to have fun and feel good.

You can see Trevor Hall opening for Colbie Caillat and Howie Day at Turner Hall this Monday at 8pm.