Trevor Hall to perform at Kitchen Pass

July 02, 2009 06:36 pm

— By Melissa Dunson
Listening to national recording artist Trevor Hall’s new album is like taking a journey through current world events and, simultaneously, the story of Hall’s young, 22-year life.

Hall will offer both those perspectives to local audiences when he performs in Joplin on Thursday for the fourth time in his career.

“Sometimes you don’t have a choice with the songs, the songs just come through,” Hall said of his self-titled album.

In a telephone interview with the Globe, Hall said he was inspired by the fighting in various parts of the world and specifically the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. Hall has visited India twice before.
Those events inspired the lead single on the album, “Unity,” written and performed with Hall’s friend and touring partner, Matisyahu, a well-known Hasidic reggae artist.

Hall’s world view infuses his music with a global sound that ranges from Middle Eastern to Jamaican. His lyrics are openly spiritual, but without religious affiliation.

“Everybody gets inspired by something,” Hall said. “I listen to a lot of Indian music. I’m fascinated by that culture and music, because to them, it’s like worship, and I really connect with that.”

Hall’s sound is a fusion of artists like Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper along with a healthy dose of reggae from Bob Marley, the artist Hall cites as his biggest musical inspiration.
“I’m just really into his message and his life,” Hall said of Marley.

Hall has toured with Ziggy Marley, Stevie Nicks, Keb Mo, Matisyahu, Colbie Caillat, Steel Pulse and Rusted Root.

Although Hall’s new album was inspired by what he calls “a heavy time” in world history, the songs are light, upbeat and full of hope. They represent his attitude toward life, even through tough times.
And Hall has faced some obstacles. He signed a record deal with a major label before he graduated from high school, but most of his work was never released except for a small sampler EP. He was later dropped from the label when the company went through a reorganization.
But Hall never stopped writing or touring and self-released two albums, “This Is Blue” and “Alive & On The Road.” His previous recordings have appeared in numerous films and television shows, including the song “Other Ways” on the “Shrek the Third” soundtrack.

“If you love something, you don’t even think about stopping,” Hall said of writing and performing his music. “Music is what I love to do. The songs just come through and you feel like it’s your duty to share them with people.”

“Dig deep, that’s what I always say,” he said.

Hall’s self-titled album with Vanguard Records will be in stores July 28, and available on iTunes and at