Trevor Hall comes home with a new CD, a new image and a new outlook on spirituality
Posted by jvrabel at 11:34 am, Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
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By JUSTIN PAPROCKI • 843-706-8143

Trevor Hall left his hometown of Hilton Head Island to make it in the music world.

And he’s come a long way, traveling the globe, playing with the likes of Ziggy Marley and Ben Harper and now touring in support of a new album on a new label. He’s living that rock star lifestyle. Well, sometimes, at least.

“When I’m home is when I get treated like a rock star,” he said. “My mom pampers me to the fullest, brings me breakfast in bed. Then I leave and go to the next city and realize, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s not like that every night.’ ”

He might not be at that stage of rock stardom where he could, say, trash a hotel room and get away with it (not that the soft-spoken guitarist would do that), but the 22-year-old has immersed himself in the world he entered five years ago when he left the Lowcountry for the West Coast. Hall returns to Hilton Head to play the Shoreline Ballroom tonight. He officially releases his new self-titled album Tuesday but will have copies for sale at the show.