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Trevor Hall on Travel, Time and New Tunes

By  · On October 6, 2015

After taking a year-long sabbatical, singer-songwriter Trevor Hall is back with the final part of his musical trilogy: “KALA”

On Friday night at High Dive, this uniquely spiritual musician known for his uplifting mix of acoustic rock, reggae and Sanskrit chanting will be gracing Gainesville with his musical presence.

The album title, “KALA,” which means “time” in Sanskrit, was inspired by the words of his grandmother: Isn’t time such a wonderful gift? Plagued by his inherent notion of time, the weight of her words caused his definition of time to unravel and reform.

“Many Eastern cultures of our world understand time for its eternal nature. It is spoken as the notion of space and growth,” said Hall. “As I began to see time as a platform for space and growth, I realized that instead of being linear, time is, in fact, more cyclical in nature. There is no beginning and there is no end.”

If you haven’t taken the time to listen to the album yet, you should. Your ears and your spirit will thank you, as each track bumps with an acoustic beat wrapped in a wisdom that calls to the Divine.


Hall’s music is as complex as it is spiritual. It isn’t confined to one genre, but rather a perfect blend of pure sounds and ancient rhythms. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to sit in a grassy field somewhere and question the fabric of your inmost being. In the same way that we listen to his music, Hall compares his writing process to one of listening.

“I’m a listener rather than a player. I’m on the other side, listening with everybody else,” said Hall. “Music is the seat in which I connect with a greater life force, so all credit goes to The Creator.”

Though born and raised in South Carolina, Hall is inspired by Indian yogis and masters. He compares the sweetness and purity of his first experience traveling to India like the first time tasting a nice, rich piece of chocolate. His spiritual taste buds were forever changed.

For those embarking on their own unique spiritual journey, Hall encourages sincerity and believes God or spirit will recognize your sincerity and assist you on your path. The same philosophy applies to music.


“Music is a sound vibration–it’s something that is felt, not something that is seen or held in one’s hand. Its an energetic energy that can be used for so many things,” said Hall. “If you use music for destruction and hatred, that’s what it’s going to do. If you use it to go into the heart to bring good, then it’s a very powerful tool to possess.”

Gainesville vows to use the melodious sounds of Hall’s music for goodness at High Dive this Friday, so make some “kala” in your schedule for a musical experience of the highest order.

For new listeners, check out an oldie, but goodie, “Unity Feat. Matisyahu” and “KALA” below.

Photos courtesy of: Trevor Hall’s Facebook