Vanguard Records

When you look around the world and see what is going on in it, it is easy to get distracted and lose any positive vibes that you may have for the future. With his debut album for Vanguard Records, Trevor Hall brings together feelings of faith and hope for a better here and now as well as the future and his aspirations for it. Wrapping the lyrics around many different styles and influences, Hall is sure to attract many followers to this album. Take for example the lead single "Unity," a song written with Matisyahu. The style of the song contains that reggae flavor you've come to love from Matisyahu and while the songs lyrics may be inspired by attacks on Mumbai, it has a universal appeal as it searches for peace even within' the differences of one another. This same reggae blended soul style is present as you dig through the album with cuts like "Where's The Love" and "31 Flavors," both which continue to showcase a universal love within' the lyric. Throughout the album you'll see Trevor Hall exploring his spirituality and love for the human race whether it is on a slower paced track like "House," or a more pop infused, upbeat rock style as he shows on "Sing The Song" towards the end of the album. There is quite a vast range of style spread throughout the album from soul to reggae to acoustic pop, but the thing that makes this album so solid is Hall's ability to pull it all together to create a cohesively unique sound that is all his own with positive lyrics that offer a glimmer of hope.