Trevor Hall brings reggae to Jack Rabbits Thursday night
Submitted by Roger Bull on Wed, 07/15/2009 - 14:30.

You might know Trevor Hall from his song "Other Ways" on the "Shrek the Third" soundtrack. He did a version of "Life is a Carnival" on a so-so tribute to The Band a couple of years ago, and he put out a few albums on his own, kind of in the soulful Jack Johnson school of sensitive acoustic music.

He's on a new label, Vanguard, and his self-titled debut there comes out later this month. He's also moved heavily into an acoustic reggae that is becoming very popular lately with, shall we say, decidedly unJamaican musicians. It's a very listenable CD, though some may struggle with created accent.

Hasidic reggae rapper Matisyahu joins him on "Unity," which has very a Matisyahu-like spirituality. Much of the album has some pretty esoteric lyrics, but cities of gold across the ocean fit pretty well with reggae, anyway.