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Trevor Hall Got Back to Basics at Teragram Ballroom

Stephanie Hernandez

Trevor Hall has taken his signature blend of reggae, folk and acoustic rock on the road alongside everyone from Jimmy Cliff to Michael Franti, but with the recent release of his newest album, “KALA” Hall has gone out on his own again for an extensive nationwide tour. His personal lyrics and unique expression of his sonic spirituality has gained him the large following, many of whom made the pilgrimage to see the man himself Sept. 12 at the Teragram Ballroom.

Playing night after night of intimate performances for the past few months now, Hall was ready to take on the crowds of Los Angeles. Bringing the sounds from his latest EP “Unpack Your Memories” as well as his new album “KALA,” fans were in for a treat that featured some of Hall’s more recent work. The set list was revived by new additions and the crowd was as enamored with his tried and true favorites as they were eager to fall in love with the tracks on “KALA.” Hall is primarily a great storyteller, making it impossible as an audience member to not lose yourself in the pictures painted by his guitar strings. He kept his fans swaying to the rhythm, hanging on each word as their eyes watched the yogi work his magic over them. Hall’s heartfelt renditions of new tracks like “Samay,” “Indigo” and “Bowl of Light” truly made the night one of a kind.