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EXCLUSIVE: Listen To Trevor Hall’s Gorgeously Melodic New Song “You Can’t Rush Your Healing”

Music News | August 6th, 2015

When acoustic-folk singer-songwriter Trevor Hall’s grandmother asked him “Isn’t time such a wonderful gift?”, her wisdom launched an addition to the musical and spiritual journey that is his life. After already releasing six studio albums, two EPs, and a few compilation records, Hall is set to release his next album, KALA, in just a few weeks, revolving around that idea of precious time, a concept his grandmother unknowingly encouraged. Like the rest of his body of work, the album will feature Hall’s signature acoustic-folk-reggae tone, made unique by the gentle Sanskrit chanting he learned as part of his impassioned spirituality.

One of the tracks on the upcoming record, “You Can’t Rush Your Healing,” is a melodically gorgeous lullaby beginning with a simple, lush guitar strumming, and led by Hall’s steady, gruff voice singing moving lyrics like “Confusion clouds the heart but it also points the way.” The track is not only dizzyingly beautiful, though. It is also inspired: Hall says that “the seed for this song” was his grandmother’s insight, stating that the song is essentially about “Time in its expansive healing nature,” a concept made clear by the lyrics and enhanced by the instrumental purity, the hypnotic melody, and soothing vocals. Trevor Hall makes music to nurture the soul, allowing minds to be refreshed and hearts restored. His tender treatment of “You Can’t Rush Your Healing” is an act of kindness to new hearts and old souls in a way that mends with every beautiful melody and crackling rhythm.

Listen to “You Can’t Rush Your Healing” below and connect with Trevor Hall on Facebook. Be sure to pre-order Kala now to receive three tracks instantly: