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Electric Forest Artist Spotlight: Trevor Hall

June 24, 2015 by Mickayla Verthein

With Electric Forest coming up, we are very excited to feature one of the artists performing this year, Trevor Hall. Hall, only sixteen years old when he stepped out into the music scene, has had his fair share of accomplishments over the years. Beginning early in his twenties, Trevor signed with Geffen Records which lead him to where he is today. Since then he has been featured on the Shrek the Third soundtrack with hit song “Other Ways” as well as opening up CBS The Morning Show with song “A Brand New Day.” As we prepare to embark on our journey to Electric Forest, we had time to sit down with fellow first time forester Trevor Hall to ask him a few questions:

EDM Assassin: With this year being your first time in the forest, what do you expect?

Trevor Hall: I try not to expect much, but with Electric Forest… I expect it to be awesome. Every one of my friends and fellow musicians that have been there, have only said amazing things. With such an incredible line up, I feel more like a fan!

EDM Assassin: Having such a crazy schedule over the next three months, how do you plan to spend your days off?

Trevor Hall: It really depends on where we are. If we are outdoors or in a place I have never been, I like to get out and explore and see what’s going on. Getting outside is super key on tours considering how much we are in cars and airplanes and hotels.

EDM Assassin: Anxiously awaiting [your upcoming album] Kala, can we expect any songs prior to the August release?

Trevor Hall: If you pre-order the album, you automatically get the first single “To Zion” as well as 3 other songs in the months leading up to the album release on August 21st.

With a non-stop touring schedule spanning all of June through September, Trevor takes a pit stop to perform at Electric Forest this Friday. He is also preparing for the release of Kala, his third and final album in his trilogy following the Chapter of The Forest and Unpack Your Memories.

You can find Trevor traveling all over in wake of the August 21st release. What can we expect is more of his unique acoustic folk that takes you on a spiritual journey throughout the album. Be sure to pre-order the highly anticipated Kala through iTunes to get the first single “To Zion” before everyone else. Along with the initial download you can expect a few early releases of additional songs on the album in the leading months.

You can catch the talented Hall at the Jubilee stage, Friday from 6:20-7:30 pm, see you there!