Trevor Hall at Bluebird Theater

March 25th, 2011

Last saturday night’s showing of Trevor Hall at the Bluebird Theater was filled with heart, soul, love and a packed house of fans! If you didn’t catch Saturday’s viewing then there is a good chance you caught Friday night’s show. Trevor Hall proved to be the real deal with two nights sold out in Denver. But not to be surprised, Colorado is known to be one of Hall’s most performed areas, like Steamboat Springs and Boulder where he performed earlier last week. Trevor, an eclectic mix of acoustic, rock, and reggae stepped on stage around 10 p.m. sporting jeans, a fitted t-shirt and his signature dreadlocks.

The fans were immediately on their feet as he kicked the show off with his much loved song Unity, which famously features Matisyahu. Trevor plaed without a hitch for a good 90 minutes with the crowd on their feet the entire time. He played all of his great crowd loving songs like Lime Tree, My Beating Heart and 31 Flavors.

In light of the recent, tragic events in Japan and other parts of the world, in true Trevor Hall fashion, he asked the crowd to donate and help as much as they can and throughout the show, gave touching and heart felt messages of peace, love, understanding and of course unity. Wrapping the night’s show up, Trevor came out with an encore song for the fans as they chanted his name, ensuring it won’t be long before he makes his way back to the Rocky Mountain state.

By Courtney Becker