ROCK ‘N’ ROLL: Trevor Hall (5/7)
By Frank De Blase on May 5, 2010

Look everybody, it's Shaun Cassidy. But seriously folks, this good-looking South Carolina-bred cat backs up the handsome with some well written, impassioned rock 'n' roll. The arrangements are dense - not stifling - but richly and thoughtfully laid out, and Hall's voice is urgent without coming off the least bit overwrought. Hall has been playing since his teens and signed to Geffen Records while still a high school senior. His earthiness has landed him on quite a few reggae bills, and you can hear little glimmers of the tropics in his songs, though overall it's just good ol' song-based rock music. Daphne Willis and Tinted Image open up the affair.

Trevor Hall plays Friday, May 7 at 9 p.m. at Water Street Music Hall, 204 N Water St. $10-$12. 325-5600.