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July 2015


Author: CH2 Press Release

Trevor Hall performs on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2015 at 9pm.

(Hilton Head, SC) Hilton Head native, singer-songwriter Trevor Hall was born into a family that was always surrounded by music. His Dad, one of his biggest encouragers and supporters, is a musician who still plays today. “There were always a bunch of instruments around and a huge record collection that I loved to explore as a kid, “ he said. For Hall, music seemed natural and inseparable from life. “It made me feel something I couldn’t explain,” added Hall. Besides his Dad a lot of the reggae artists who came out of Jamaica, like Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Culture and Dennis Brown were early influencers. Things really changed for Hall when he first heard the album The Will To Live by Ben Harper. “Ben really shaped my music and really inspired me in my style, “ he explained. Hall’s music is an unconventional mix of acoustic rock and reggae. He is well-known for his thought-provoking lyrics.

Hall began writing songs around age 12 yrs old. “My Dad surprised me for my 16th birthday by bringing me to his friend’s studio to record my first album,“ shared Hall. Within the following year, Hall left for a performing arts boarding school in California called Idyllwild School for the Arts to study classical guitar. He currently is living in Los Angeles and has been very busy touring and getting ready for the upcoming release of his new album, “KALA”. Hilton Head will be fortunate enough to hear Hall perform it live at his upcoming summer concert on Tuesday, September 1st at 8 pm. at The Rooftop Bar at Poseidon.

When asked where his song-writing inspiration comes from, Hall replied, “The music itself and the feeling it gives me.” Music is endless and within it there are endless possibilities. “That gets me excited and inspires me always to explore and dive deeper into the realm of sound. Hall admits he has trouble describing his style because it changes so often. Hall loves all kinds of music. “I don’t like to be limited to one genre,” shared Hall. “Overall, it is a spiritual music,” he added.

Coming back to Hilton Head is always exciting for Hall and even more exciting when he gets to perform there. The last time he performed in Hilton Head was several years ago. “I am excited to get back and play new songs and show my family where I am at this point in my life,” he said. Hall is looking forward to performing at The Rooftop Bar at Poseidon, a state of the art venue for booking regional musical acts. He doesn’t know what to expect and never does when he plays a concert. “Even when I am playing a place a place that I’ve played before. I still don’t know what to expect. It’s always different.” Hall is looking forward to being with his family and friends.
Fans can look forward to hearing his new album, “KALA” that comes out on August 21st just prior to the Hilton Head show. Hall is looking forward to playing a lot of new songs of album and sharing his new project with everyone.

When reflecting on the past, Hall has no regrets and is certain that everything is happening perfectly. Though the future is already filled with tour dates and new music, it is difficult for him to think about next week or the one beyond that, let alone 10 years. “I just hope that my family is happy and healthy and that I am still playing music,“ shared the soulful artist.
Hall will accept requests for interviews

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