Feeling the vibes with Trevor Hall
By: Natalie Gottlieb
Posted: 2/15/10

With passionate lyricist skills, a reggae sound, a bit of acoustic rock, and all over good vibes for the masses, Trevor Hall is a unique force to be reckoned with. High spirits, love, and intensity, are all captivating aspects that easily describe the 23 year-olds rhythmic ballads. He has released several songs including "The Lime Tree" featuring Colbie Caillat and "Other Ways", which was featured in the Shrek the Third soundtrack.

On a personal level, Trevor continues to connect with many charities including The Hunger Site and the Rainforest Action Network, to name a few. With lyrics that embody a larger social conscience about the world and others around us, the Inferno shares some of his sweet reggae vibes for all to enjoy.

Inferno: How does it feel to be recognized by MTV as one of the 20 emerging artists in their "Subway Fresh Buzz" campaign this year?

Trevor Hall: Feels really good. We did a thing with MTV during this past month. I didn't know about it until I got back from my trip. I was traveling in India for a month and my good friends filled me in. I was stoked; definitely a good thing to come back to after a good time away.

Inferno: How did you get these sweet reggae vibes?

TH: I started listening to reggae really early on while I was growing up in South Carolina. When I lived in Cali I really started getting into it more, including the whole culture of Rastafarianism. Reggae is kind of a surf culture there. I'd listen to Bob Marley, Burning Spear, and research the lifestyle. Not that I'm a follower, but it captivates me. And in turn, I self-consciously started listening and it started coming out in the writing process.

Inferno: When did you realize your music was bigger than yourself? Almost like, a gift?

TH: There wasn't really one point. I don't feel that way now even. Music has just always been something I could turn to. I could listen to for myself. It's a great teacher as you experience life. It's just really personal to me and I try to share it. Not a mastering thing to me. It's just me and my song. That's that. I don't try to read into it too much.

Inferno: What were you feeling when your 1st label released (dropped) you? How old were you?

TH: I was seventeen at the time when I got signed. I was a senior in high school. Then I moved to LA and recorded a few albums. The label put none of them out and dropped me after 3 years. It was a long and hard process. Stressful, but taught me a lot about business, about myself, and other people. Definitely would not be who I am today had I not gone through that tough time.

Inferno: At a young age your parents showed interest and support for your endeavors; any advice to aspiring musicians who aren't receiving support at home?

TH: I think that if you love something enough, and you believe in yourself, nothing can stop you. I was fortunate enough to have parents that supported my musical interests. I think what matters is your hunger. My advice? Follow your heart, as cheesy as it sounds. (Laughs) Go with your gut. Play as much as you can! If you're a musician, you just want to play everywhere. A street corner, a club. That's what it's about: sharing with other people.

Inferno: Your music shows social purpose. Do you think all people should have a moral obligation (social conscience) to their neighbors?

TH: It's hard to say how others are supposed to live. You can't tell other people how to love or what to do. All I can do is have a positive outlook, be loving, and that will rub off on others. And then they'll work on themselves and they will inspire others. Kind of a chain reaction. I think the biggest teacher is inspiration. I feel that inspiration is what will change and inspire to have a good heart. Only thing I can do is work on myself.

Inferno: Do you get messages from fans? Do they ask for advice?

TH: [I get the messages] on my MySpace page or at shows. People will write banners. I get questions all the time, and all sorts! Why are they asking me? (Laughs) I'm the one that needs advice! Questions about life and from aspiring artists. I just try to give the best answer I can and help them out.

Inferno: What's on your Ipod?

TH: World music, Indian music, folk. I'm into African music, and tribal. All sorts. I'm really into whatever. Songs, feeling, it can be anything. Reggae or Rock. I just want to feel it. Some of my favorites are Nasio Fontaine, Radiohead, and I love Bjork. I'm all over the board. I would love to work with Bjork. Even though our styles are very different I think it would be fun. She's an inspiration and I'm curious where it came from

Inferno: You don't seem like a materialistic guy, but I'd like to ask if there are three things that you can't live without (excluding: water, food, & shelter)?

TH: That's a hard one. Let's see, what can't I live without? I can't live without God, that's my first one. Then music. Then love.

Inferno: What can people expect at a Trevor Hall show?

TH: They should expect to move their feet and have a good time. I think my music is positive, makes you move with a little rock, reggae, and folk. I want make people "feel," whatever that may be. They should come to feel something.