Tickets going fast for singer's performance at the Fox Theatre
By Wendy Kale,
Colorado Daily

Trevor Hall's career is on the brink of breaking wide open.

The 22-year-old performer partnered up with music star Matisyahu to create the song "Unity," and now Hall's set to entice listeners with his self-titled record.

Hall's fans are intrigued with his fusion of reggae and rock grooves, and the depth of his lyrical messages has touched them. You can groove and get enlightened to this artist's tunes.

That's why tickets to Hall's Saturday concert at the Fox are getting scooped up fast.

"I just sing about what's in my heart and in my mind," Hall explained. "Hopefully, people will hear the love of spirit and God in my songs, and it will open them up and affect them."

Music has always been a driving force in Hall's life.

The performer's family encouraged his art and helped him make his first record. Hall was 15 when his first CD came out, but he was ready for a music business career.

"My dad was a drummer, so we always had lots of instruments around the house," Hall said. "I started off playing drums and it sparked a fire at an early age.

"I knew in my formative years that I really wanted to do music, so I found this school on the Internet. All these kids from around the world were going there, and I thought this place would really help me push my craft."

Hall's family encouraged him to attend California's Idyllwild School of Music & the Arts. The musician was in the 10th grade, but he was excited to study classical guitar in the school's accelerated program.

Hall's career was on the fast track and he signed a deal with Geffen Records -- before he graduated from high school.

"The school was really close to L.A., so I'd go and play there on the weekends," Hall said. "Word had gotten out and there was a buzz on my music."

Geffen only released Hall's sampler EP, but the young performer was able to tour with Matisyahu, Colbie Caillat, Ziggy Marley, Rusted Root and Stevie Nicks.

Along the way, Hall became fast friends with Matisyahu.

"Matisyahu and I became very good friends from touring," Hall said. "We were together during the first terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. He knew some of the people that had died in a Jewish temple, so we put our heads together and came up with the song 'Unity.'

"On the external level the song's about the unity of all beliefs, but on a deeper level it's about the mystical place in your own heart -- where all things merge as one. The song works on both levels."

"Unity' became the opening track for Hall's new CD. The song paved the way for the artist to collaborate on several other tunes with Matisyahu.

"As a new artist, it's been very helpful to have worked with Matisyahu," Hall said. "We're both very spiritual people and our music is an expression of our spiritual life."

Hall is also excited to tour behind his solo CD on Vanguard Records. The new album explores reggae, soul, pop and electronica grooves, and every song on the record conveys a message.

Former tour mate Caillet also came on board for this record. The Top 40 hitmaker added her expressive vocals to Hall's ballad "The Lime Tree."

"This really feels like my first CD and I'm very excited," Hall said. "This record is really positive and definitely deals with a lot of spiritual things. People will feel good when they hear it."

Hall is hitting the road with his new tunes, but this artist has another passion.

The performer has made several spiritual pilgrimages to India, and he's now on a mission to help orphans in the struggling country.

"I went to India a couple of times in 2007," Hall revealed. "I want to make that a regular thing, because I really love the culture in India. There's such vibrant celebration in the face of everything the people have to deal with.

"When I was over there, I was really affected by the kids. That's why I send money over there every month. I started working with The Hunger Site, so I could help on a larger scale."

The Hunger Site was set up to help eradicate world hunger, and the organization has partnered up with Hall and Vanguard Records.

Vanguard is now offering a free download of Hall's "Unity" in conjunction with The Hunger Site. ( Every download will go toward feeding and educating impoverished orphans in India.

Hall takes each day in stride, and he's just waiting to see what will unfold next in his life.

"I'm going to go wherever the music takes me," Hall said. "I'm pretty open-minded. I'm just going to focus on giving 100 percent to my shows and continue to grow."