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Boston's Live Music Lineup Couldn't Be Better Right Now

Ashley McDade - Account Executive
10/15/15 @9:36am in Lifestyle

Fall has descended upon us which means ladies it’s time to pack up your sundresses and gent’s your offices will now be more bearable in your suit and dress shirt as we no longer are complaining that the AC is too high (while wearing 60% less clothing than you), congratulations.

If you’re looking to broaden your fall horizons past dragging your significant other out to pick season fruits in your flannel shirt with your cider donuts and #PSL’s, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re like me this time of year is torture. You can no longer sit on the beach, go to outdoor music festivals and it’s too early to ski. That’s why I wanted to share some killer live music coming to Boston to keep you happy until that first glorious pow day on the slopes.

Thursday, October 15th - Looking to kick off the weekend early? I’d suggest Emancipator and Wax Tailor at Paradise Rock Club. Their downtempo, trip-hop and ambient styles will get you thirsty enough to feel like you deserve that Instagram #ThirtsyThursday hashtag while still being able to drag yourself into work on Friday with only a slight headache. Paradise has stepped their game up the last few years and put a good chunk of change into the back room. I’m personally looking forward to the intimate setting and acoustics the space offers artist and attendees.

Saturday, October 17th - If you're trying to get weird this weekend, look no further than Glass Animals at House of Blues. These 4 UK gents added their unique psychedelic trip-hop vibes to the scene in 2014 with the release of their album Zaba. My first experience with them was 2015's Coachella and I loved every minute. Personally, I'm hoping to see them at Electric Forest in 2016. If you're searching for a new sound, these gentlemen are certainly worth a listen.

Sunday, October 18th - I wish I could say that you’ll only walk in to work with a slight headache on Monday but be prepared for your rage gene to kick in this Sunday while listening to the musical stylings of NERO at House of Blues. This trio is one of my personal favorites. Daniel Stephens and Joseph Ray are production geniuses and I’ve been overwhelmingly impressed with their ability to live mix the vocals of Alana Watson. I wish I’d been following these guys sooner! My first show NERO experience was this past year's Coachella and it was GLORIOUS. These three are taking the industry by storm with heavy drops, incredible vocals and the ability to keep you dancing all night long. If you like the electronic scene this is one show you do not want to miss out on.

Sunday, October 25th - I know, another Sunday show. Living so close, yet so far, from NYC really can screw us Bostonians over. I’ve frequented NYC many weekends to catch two of my favorite artists on a Friday and Saturday instead of having to choose between the two on a Sunday. GRiZ is an artist that makes the 8 hour round trip worth it, so suck up the fact you're going to be groggy on Monday and head out to Royale to listen to this electronic funk brilliance. Go to Spotify, search GRiZ - A Fine Way to Die, and tell me you’re not buying tickets by the first trumpet entrance.

Wednesday, October 28th - It’s important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet so don’t just eat candy all the time mix in a carrot! That’s exactly why you can’t miss Trevor Hall at Royale. It seems like every song these days has a synth pad or some sort of T-Pain effect in it. Trevor Hall will bring you back to your earthy roots with his beautiful vocals, fantastic upright bassist and a drummer who has the most untraditional and coolest drum set I’ve ever seen. If you like reggae, acoustic and Sanskrit (just go with it, trust me) you’ll enjoy every moment of this show.

Stay tuned for November's can’t miss shows.