Trevor Hall gear up for Tulip Fest
By Ethan Ullman

| Published: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Updated: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trevor Hall will be performing at the 2010 Albany Tulip Fest on the WEQX Saturday Main Stage on May 8, starting at 1 pm.

Albany Student Press: You had a song in Shrek 3?

Trevor Hall: Shrek the Third! I did! It wasn’t like in the movie-movie, I mean it was at the end of the credits, you know? Like the last song of the whole credits, of the whole movie. So it wasn’t like anybody heard the song in the movie, but it was still funny to say, “Oh yeah, I have a song in a movie.” But it did make it on the soundtrack, which was pretty cool, so that was a plus.

ASP: You recorded your first cd when you were still in high school?

TH: Yes! For my 16th or 15th birthday, my father let me record some songs. He was a musician himself and he had a friend that had a studio, so he called up his friend and surprised me, we went down to the studio and I recorded my first album. But it was just
for friends and stuff, it wasn’t like we were recording it to try to sell or anything. It was just a birthday present. But it ended up being a little more than that.

ASP: Do you ever still listen to it?

TH: I listen to it here and there but it’s pretty awful. When I hear it, I’m like, “Oh my god! What was I thinking?” It’s fun to listen to, to see how much you grow.

ASP: Do you think you’d ever put it up on your website for fans to hear?

TH: Never. No. it’s off-limits. It’s off-limits to the fans.

ASP: What if one shows up online, would you work to get rid of it?

TH: No, I mean, whatever. I’m not that crazy over it. But I’m not, me, am definitely not going to put it up.

ASP: Ok, so tell me about this summer tour with Jimmy Cliff?

TH: This tour came up, and, actually, at first we only had like one show with Jimmy in New York. And we were like, “Wow, this is amazing. This is going to be this amazing show.” And I was stoked because he was an influence of mine.

But then, we were able to get about a couple weeks with him, so I’m so excited. I’m also a little nervous because he’s such a legend. I’m just this little white boy from South Carolina who thinks he knows how to play reggae or something. It’ll be fun. I’m very
excited. We’re going to be around the Northeast, then we kind of go through Canada,
then we kind of pop around on the West Coast a little bit, so it will be fun. I’m looking forward to it.

ASP: Do you ever improvise songs on stage?

TH: Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah. We do that quite often. We just kind of change things up, or go places that’s not rehearsed at all. Yeah, so, it’s quite common in our shows.

ASP: Have you ever improvised a song, and then written it down to actually perform it again?

TH: I wouldn’t say that we write the song down, I mean, we maybe take the idea that we get musically, and then kind of evolve it. I have a horrible memory, so I don’t really
remember anything after it’s done.

ASP: Do you have any weird requests on your rider for shows?

TH: No, actually, I have to admit — we’re a very boring band. None of us really go out or party or anything like that. We’re very boring. And on our riders, it’s like chips and salsa and water. It’s nothing crazy, like I don’t mean to blow people’s expectations or anything like that, but we’re quite boring. Very, very boring.

ASP: Would you ever consider, just adding in for one show, like, “I need 15 turtles,” or something?

TH: I would maybe do that, but I would feel bad if they actually got me 15 turtles. And then I’d be like, “Oh, it was just a joke.” I’d be a little embarrassed if they actually did it, you know, went through the trouble of getting it.