Matisyahu @ The Pageant, 11/2/09
Written by Alex Jones

Still touring with his the original guitarist, bassist and drummer from his breakthrough album, Live at Stubb’s, Matisyahu’s show at the Pageant was very diverse and featured many of new cuts from his new album, Light. With the addition of keyboards, a Hammond b3, and a second guitarist, Matisyahu brought an updated, developed sound to the Pageant.

Opener Trevor Hall fired up the concert with uptempo jam music that progressed into a more laid back reggae feel. Trevor’s band featured a solid drummer and a bassist who was not afraid to use the entire range on his 5 string bass. Trevor’s guitar sounded light, but his vocals were strong, with rock, reggae and some bluesy underones. Matisyahu joined Trevor for his last song, which they co-wrote, amping up the crowd for the main event.

Matisyahu and his band sounded extremely tight and well rehearsed. Their set ranged from slower reggae ballads to the tone and energy of rock – two genres that Matisyahu is known to reflect well. One song featured the rapper Kosher Dill from New Jersey, who jokingly freestyled about popular local topics such as toasted ravioli, the Cardinals, and Nelly. A meditative duet with Trevor Hall on guitar and Matis beatboxing, which they also co-wrote, was the most moving piece of the evening. Matis calmed down the rowdy teenagers on the floor, and asked them to take some deep breaths and listen to the deeper meanings of the song. And he could back it up – the lyrics were a live testament to his deep convictions and vision. He finished his set with an extended version of “King Without a Crown,” and encored with a powerful version of his new single, “One Day,” from his new album Light. Matisyahu is a very talented artist and his concert was impressive. He will certainly continue to grow, and his future will remain bright.