Return to Godsmack





I have never been much of a fan of Godsmack. In actuality I never intended to cover this album myself but through circumstance I ended up with it to review. I am glad I did because this album is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of 2006’s best albums.

The main difference here between previous albums and IV is the fact that the band (as opposed to Sully Erna himself) wrote the music on this one and then mainman Sully Erna came in and chose the songs for the album and wrote the lyrics. While this hasn’t totally changed the band’s sound what it has done is make everything a lot more dynamic. The whole album resounds with an urgency that you rarely hear on albums anymore. It’s as if the band knew this may be their one shot to really show how talented they are and they make it count. The dynamic sound of songs like “Speak” and “Shine Down” or even the haunting “Hollow” give Erna the chance to shine as well. He has never sounded better vocally. When he growls “You’re Another Shit Talkin’ Punk to Me / You’re Livin’ Inspiration of What I Never Want to Be” you believe he is going to jump off the CD and try and kick your ass.

IV is easily Godsmack’s best work to date and has made a fan of me. I hope the band continues in this vein because it is something truly special. The heavy grind of their other album is here but they unapologetically explore plenty of new headspace with near perfect results.

Reviewed by: Mark Fisher