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Godsmack Revs Up For New Video, Album Release

April 6, 2006

With Godsmack's new album, IV, coming out on April 25, the band has completed the video for the first single, "Speak." The group decided to keep things raw and heavy for the clip by depicting motorcycle stunts and muscle cars - powerful machines to go along with a powerful song.

"We brought in some awesome muscle cars and a bunch of my buddies from New England that do these amazing stunts on motorcycles, and it just became about fast cars, hot rods, burnouts, wheelies and rock and roll," singer Sully Erna recently told "Nothing was choreographed. It was really cool. We just got to light up the tires all day long. And as a band, the first half of the day, we got to hang around and watch these people go off on these killer machines and do the most insane stunts we've ever seen live."

Erna also explained that the album was written at a pretty tough time in his life. Within the last year, he's given up drinking and smoking, endured relationship woes and been through a legal battle with contractors that were working on his house. Meanwhile, the rest of the band was writing music while Erna was doing his own thing. "I'd come in every once in a while with this little black cloud around me, and these guys did a pretty good job trying to keep my spirits up. But I was just not in the headspace. I couldn't write," he said. Finally, once Erna got back on track, the artistic "floodgates opened."

Though the album is coming out later this month, fans in the U.S. will probably have to wait until the fall to see Godsmack live. The band will hit South America, Australia, Japan, Canada and Mexico first. Erna told MTV, "If this album is half as special as we think it's gonna be, we're gonna come in September with a really big, bad-ass rock show."

For a special preview into Godsmack's new CD, keep an ear out for FMQB Productions' radio special, Inside Godsmack's IV, airing on Rock stations across the country from April 21 to 25