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Godsmack: Ready To Take Their Show On The Road
by LeeAnn M. Huntoon/FloridaEntertainmentScene.com

June 21, 2006 - “This band is very lucky. There is no big image to try and live up too. We’re kind of like a blue-collar rock band. It’s mainly our music that does the talking.” ~Shannon Larkin/Drummer.

For almost a decade Godsmack has been enticing us with their in your face heavy, grunge rock. Starting out in the streets of Boston, their reputation for throwing a great LIVE show started to grasp the interest of the local New Englanders. This caught the attention of Universal Records, who signed them in 1998, only one year after their self promoted album “All Wound Up” took the North East by storm. Now they’re about to hit the road once more in order to promote their new album IV, which came out April of 2006. This is their first full-length album in almost three years and they can’t wait to bring it up close and personal. “It’s been a year since we played and we just can’t wait to go back on stage. We are going to bring the biggest show we’ve ever brought out.” Said Shannon Larkin. Godsmack has an obvious impact with their crowd bringing an aggressively raging out of control show every time. With a promise of rampant pyrotechnics, yes lots of fire and explosions this show guarantees to have you drowning in overindulgence.

With already four affluent albums under their belt Godsmack is one of the most well received bands in the U.S. With that said, it’s obvious as to why these four are no strangers to success. Their new single “Speak” from their Godsmack IV album, is their fifth #1 Active Rock single to date. This just proving over and over that Godsmack knows full circle how to lay down a song. With all of this continuous accomplishment, one would think that having another #1 hit would just be a normal day in their already intrinsic Rock & Roll lifestyle.

“It’s nice. It’s rewarding. Even if you’ve sold ten million records and have a #1 single you’re still blown away when they come to you and say it’s #1. For me I’m so very grateful. Its mind blowing every time it happens. We know how lucky we are to have a career this long in this business.” Said Shannon.

With technology today and so many online publications the word spreads fast. New songs are heard way in advance and news of future shows and CD releases are common knowledge within a few seconds. With the recent Myspace craze, Godsmack has taken full advantage of the world-wide-web. You can also check them out at Godsmack.com for all of your Band Info indulgence. Shannon Larkin has his own take on why online publications have made such an enormous impact for Godsmack as well as future rockers alike.

“The world has definitely changed, but it’s something that every band starting out should really focus on is the Internet. It’s a way to reach the whole world in one day. Myspace allows bands that aren’t even signed yet to get 1,000 to 10,000 hits on their demo tape.”

There is no doubt that Godsmack loves their fans. Their shows express an unbeaten determination to please the masses. With all the flare and expenses put into the live shows, the prices for tickets remain low. When given the opportunity to say a few words to all the followers and loyal fans that have supported Godsmack along the way Shannon Larkin had this to say. “ We are going to bring the biggest show we have ever brought out!”

He even took a moment to acknowledge a loyal fan that is in the Navy deployed in Iraq. “Hope you get safely back to Massachusetts so you can come see us. We are behind you and every single troop in the military.”

News of their American tour is spreading like wildfire. Fans are restless with explosive anticipation waiting for Godsmack to hit their state, and Florida is definitely on their list of stops. “We’ll definitely play Florida, that’s for sure. We’ll play any state that will have us on this American Tour. We’re stoked! Especially now that Florida is my home state. I can’t wait to come here. It’s going to be great.” Said Shannon Larkin with an excited enthusiasm.

It was only two years ago that Orlando’s own Hard Rock Live was blessed with the hard-hitting metal rock that is Godsmack. Since then it’s been a question as to when they’ll rock here again, and soon just isn’t soon enough.

Godsmack is:
Sully Erna - Vocals & Stuff
Tony Rombola - Guitar
Robbie Merill - Bass
Shannon Larkin - Drums