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Godsmack gives its sound a unique perk by whipping out a bluesy harmonica for "Shine Down." The instrument conjures images of fervent revivals in the heat of the Deep South, playing into the single's messages of hard-won sobriety and spiritual renewal, themes
songwriter/singer Sully Erna has been praising after a harrowing 2005. The words "And I know I've been away too long/All these years I've been hiding/I'm feeling I'm coming strong" say it all. Erna's handle on the production makes "Shine Down" sound less canned than previous efforts, another move in the song's favor. Drummer Shannon Larkin steadily leads the way with a lot of crash, setting a determined pace you can imagine someone using as a guide to help them move forward. Pretty inspiring.

-Christa L. Titus/Billboard Magazine