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SXSW 2009: Girl In A Coma Hanging With Dave Navarro, Working With Margaret Cho
20 March 2009, 4:19 PM. By Cindy Casares

Hey we just ran into Girl In A Coma at the Carrera Cafe. (A place where the press sits around and begs rock stars to give them an interview.) and we shot this great video interview that the lead singer of Little Fish helped us out with. We’ll get that up soon, but we thought we’d share these pics for now.

The one below we shot with the Girls and Margaret Cho as they were lunching it up on delicious Moonshine food. The two parties are apparently collaborating on Cho’s new music album. And the other two were Tweeted by Dave Navarro last night as he came off stage from his Jane’s Addiction showcase. Dave’s a big fan of theirs, (he called them his favorite band when they appeared on his internet show), and we assume they return the love as witnessed by the fact that they went to see him. The Girls really seem to be coming into their own with a second full-fledged album due out on June 2, (more on that when we get the video loaded.) They’re performing RIGHT NOW at Rusty Spur and, obvs., we have to work or we’d be there. But if you’re in the area, you should run on over.