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Girl In A Coma rocked Chicago's Vic Theatre." – Concert Review

My new favorite band is Girl In A Coma. Ever since I heard their latest album, “Trio B.C.” I thought these girls were one second away from hitting it big. I love this band so much I would find ways to talk about them, even when the conversation wasn’t close to music. If someone asked if I had heard about the accident in North Carolina that left two people comatose, I’d reply with, “No, but have you heard Girl In A Coma’s new album? They’re from Texas.”

I finally got the chance to see them live at Chicago’s Vic Theatre. By pure luck the date was April 25th, which was my 35th birthday. What better way to celebrate? Never mind the day was windy, rainy and the Chicago Bulls must have been playing because driving into downtown wasn’t a joy.

However, after I left the concert, the three hour drive to, and later back home, was sooooooo worth it.

I was stunned to hear how fantastic their sound translated to live music. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t like I had doubts about their musical prowess; rather their sound is so unique that I had my concerns. Well, shoot me in the foot and call me Dave (I heard that expression by someone and thought, ‘I’d hate to be Dave.’).

These ladies rocked. All three were excellent musicians, from Phanie on drums to Jenn on bass, to the extraordinary vocals and guitar playing of front woman Nina. (For the interview we did on GIAC, click here: http://www.zoiksonline.com/2009/09/girl-in-coma-is-just-as-good-as-any.html)

The last time I witnessed musical perfection was when I saw Queensryche in Joliet. (See the interview we did them here: http://www.zoiksonline.com/2009/12/geoff-tate-of-queensryche-has-built.html)

The Vic, filled to capacity of around 1300 people, was not disappointed. And here’s the kicker; Girl In A Coma was the opening band. Granted people may have been there to see Sia, that’s really not the point. GIAC gave a show that, if patrons at the Vic weren’t there for them, quickly gained them as fans. (See the review of GIAC’s album “Trio B.C.” here: http://www.zoiksonline.com/2009/09/girl-in-coma-trio-bc-cd-review.html)

I, for one, being in this business, have never heard of Sia, and suffice to say, I drove three hours to downtown Chicago, watched GIAC perform for just under an hour, and then drove another three hours back home.

That’s what Girl In A Coma means to me.


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