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Bands to Watch For: Egypt Central, Girl in a Coma, Kopek, Sons of Sylvia, and Taddy Porter

Over the last year I’ve listened to a lot of music. Whether it be metal bands, rock bands, country bands, singer song writers, earthy music etc etc, I’ve heard it all. I liked some of it, hated some of it, but there have been six bands that I hadn’t heard of prior to working for Zoiks that I still keep going back to, for different reasons...

...Girl in a Coma is the first band that really blew me away since writing for Zoiks. I’ve never wanted a band to be more popular than I have Girl in a Coma. It doesn’t get much closer to perfection than it does with these ladies. I’ve only seen them live once and in order to make that show I had to spend nine hours in a car to see a 45 minute set where they were opening for Sia (we didn’t stick around for Sia). The perfect comparison for Girl in a Coma is Pearl Jam, yet they sound nothing like Pearl Jam. It’s just the way they play, they’re so loose yet in the zone, it appears almost effort less. Girl in a Coma also has in my opinion one of the best singers to ever take the stage in the history of music or stages for that matter, in Nina Diaz. You need to check this band out. Hopefully they’ll be out with a new album soon.